Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Albus and Darcy are learning to live together . . . slowly

Albus and Darcy are getting along for the most part, but Albus will growl at her is she looms over him or shows any sign of wanting something that he considers is his alone. Darcy doesn't even seem to notice this behavior, but she has noticed the cats. After the recent nose-touching with Spencer, she did attempt to eat his tail (or merely snuffle it? it's hard to say); I fussed at her for this because there is to be no taking into the mouth of any feline parts at all by dogs, and it seemed to hurt Dar's feelings—but I must be firm if she's to remain with us during this *coughs* fostering period. The cats were here first.

Pics under the cut!

After a full morning of exploration, Darcy made it up onto the big sofa and immediately fell asleep:

September 2021

Initially, she was to my left and Albus was to my right, but when Darcy climbed up, Albus leapt down and returned to his bed:

September 2021

I've no doubt that Albus was guarding it against Darcy's interest, but clearly, she knows a good thing in the sofa. ;P

We met the golf course's groundskeeper yesterday and have his permission to use the cart path on which to walk the dogs, so that's nice—and it's good that the course was purchased because it can only mean that our home value will increase. I note that the course has been without active ownership for so long that we and most of our neighbors have been using the paths as a matter of course, as has the huge deer herd that lives on it. It will be interesting to see how our local fauna react to the changes. It will not be any fun, now that I know that there are plans to put up cams everywhere along the course, to have to make myself camera ready for walks, but then, soon that will be every-fucking-where one goes. >:(

And now I must feed everyone; the fuzzies slept in, this morning. It was nice to linger over my tea. Here's hoping you've a lovely day!
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