Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Darcy, dog of comfort

Following Darcy's postprandial nap, I left her on the screened porch while I walked Albus. This time, neither of them barked as Albus passed the porch, and Darcy has now made herself too comfortable to come inside.

29 August 2021

Thankfully, it's cool enough that she can be outside for a while longer. :D And I know that she's still too thin, but she's gaining reasonably, and her elephant skin now feels more like velvet than leather. *dances*

Tomorrow, the sofa cleaners come to steam clean all the pet scents out of them; I cannot wait! Once that's done, I will get serious about sorting out the front room and Mom's old knick knacks in the living room—and just in time, too, as the restorers are bringing our refurbished metal barrister soon. I love my books, but I have no desire to constantly dust them. Yay, my long-awaited birthday present!

I think someone's been at the food enclosure at the TNR station in spite of the lid locks on either side, so now we need to add two more. It's so annoying, the food thievery. >:(

Bagels—I was supposed to make a batch today, but today's gotten away from me because poor Shog's become ill; besides, it wouldn't be fair to have fresh, hot bagels that Shog couldn't enjoy. I will wait.

I hope you're well, friends. :D
Tags: acts of wifery, albus-the-dog, animal rescue, darcy dog, dog-related, fostering, life, pics, shog, tnr

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