Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea


Well, last night, it was Blue and Willy out on their unauthorized rounds, a few days ago, it was the young sheepdog tooling around, and today, it was Henry. He slipped away from his people to walk himself, got tired, and ended up shading himself under one of our trees. He's a tiny guy, so I'm glad I saw him when I did!

Albus is with Shog today, but the cats and Darcy have had early dinner so that Darcy, at least, might relieve herself at a decent hour. I miss sleep.

I've had such a (good) busy day that it's all blurring together—though that may just be the heat. Darce and I spent time on the porch under and next to fans, yet the heat still took ot out of us. She is feeling better, though; she wanted to walk a lot more today. I'll have pics in a bit.
Tags: dog-related, life, life is full, life is globally warming, the weather outside is frightful

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