Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

An exciting "evening"

Darcy was restless, so I took her out for the umpteenth time around eleven; she peed, but then she kept trying to pull me back around the side of the house as she'd recently done. I didn't think it was possible for her to either have to poo again or be able to find a single, unsmelt blade of grass, so I resisted her efforts. While urging her back inside, Darcy suddenly leaned against me as Blue and Willy, our neighbors' lock-picking dogs, came happily bounding toward the street through our side and front yards. Darcy told them off, her warning, quite unheeded, and then began barking at them in what can only be described as her "outside" voice: "RETURN SO THAT I CAN TELL YOU TO GO AWAY! RETURN, I SAY!

I told them that they were good dogs and to go home, and because they knew this and were ready to go home, they did—but Darcy would not calm down and continued to try to follow them. When I finally got her in, she kept fretting, and I ignored her so that Albus could have a little walk, by which time, Shog had returned from his office. He went to take Darcy out again, found that she'd peed, and I started cleaning. After a quick hosing and rub down, Shog and I basically frog-marched her up and down the street to wear her out, but it did not quite take. Two treats and almost an hour's worth of ignored fussing later, Darcy is at last asleep.

It was difficult to listen to her fret, not least because I had no other clean dog bed for her had she peed again, but Shog insisted that we allow her tantrum to run its course; he was right. He's now sleeping, too, while I lie here waiting for Darcy's dog bed to finish washing and feeling guilty about letting her self-soothe. I felt like Paul and Jamie letting Mabel cry herself to sleep in "The Conversation," which remains my least favorite episode of Mad about You ever!

I loved that show and haven't thought about it in forever. I wonder if it's streaming . . . .
Tags: darcy dog, dog-related, mad about you, t.v.

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