Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Darcy's recheck

At some point while awaiting Darcy's turn at the vet this morning, I realized that she'd finally stopped straining against me to talk to the other dogs and was leaning protectively against me. It was then that the shouting registered with me: an angry pet parent was losing his composure in an exam room, and as I shifted in my seat, Darcy leaned against me to make me stay put and turned a watchful gaze in the direction from which the noise was emanating. She's such a good, protective girl!

She's also barely anemic now and has put on weight, but inconsistent scale calibration has made it difficult to know how much; the emergency vet told us that Darcy weighed 78 pounds two weeks ago, and today, she weighed in at 74 pounds. I think she's probably closer to 82 pounds at this point because it's harder to see her ribs. In any case, the vet is pleased with Darcy's progress, and we return in two weeks. In the meantime, I have a bunch of meds and supplements for her, which I don't believe she'll mind. Any excuse for a pill pocket is welcome in Darcyland. ;P

Before going home, we stopped at the local drive-through pharmacy to drop a 'script and then picked up plain burgers and water to help pass the time waiting for the med to be ready. Darcy Dog loves her some plain burger! There was much napping on the way home, so much so that I had a hard time convincing her to leave the car when we got there. I'd tempted her in and out of the car with bones, but she was too full of beef to care once we were in the garage. I gave her pets and scritches until she realized that the house was cooler than the garage, and she finally consented to leave it. After a brief walk, she settled down for a proper nap. :D

It was four hours to go to the vet, pick up her medication, and get home, and the trip exhausted us both! The high heat and humidity, not to mention the shit air quality, contributed to that, I think. I cannot wait for fall!
Tags: darcy dog, dog-related

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