Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Happiness is a husband who helps

Shog took the very early morning pee breaks so that I could sleep in. Hours later, I awoke to sounds of canine distress that became outright barking, and threw on clothing so that I could rush Darcy out the door. She wanted nothing to do with the Outside and issued a disappointed snort before pulling for the door: breakfast was late. By late, I mean that it wasn't until eight, 15 minutes away, but canine reckoning is not routinized.

Dogs: When do we want to eat?

Also Dogs: Now!

Dogs: What do we want to eat?

Also Dogs: Everything!

I'm having a post-prandial hang with Darce on the screened porch (while Shog has Albus in the bedroom because we don't want him to feel left out or alone and switch dogs so that they each receive our love). Darcy tried to make a thorough inspection of my tea before I assured her, "Dogs don't like tea" (she doesn't quite believe me), and now she is scratching dramatically at the carpet as if to indicate that there isn't cushion enough for her comfort.

She doesn't yet know it, but she's about to have a medicinal bath.


Aaand now that Darcy has gotten her wish to return to her cushion, Albus, the jealous boy, has joined me for his al fresco meal having refused to eat with Shog. *snorts*

Happy Sunday, Flist!
Tags: albus-the-dog, darcy dog, dog-related, life, life is full, shog

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