Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Darcy Dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner

I wanted to clean the spare bathroom where Darcy is isolating. Shog agreed to take her out once I did the hallway (my decision; it's too hot to keep Darcy out long and she can't be anywhere else inside until we repeat her skin tests). So, here's the thing, Darcy can hold her pee overnight, but one vacuum experience later and she drenches her bedding and takes refuge in the tub.

Poor Darcy thought she was in trouble when Shog took her out. She cried. She was so happy when I came out to help bathe, feed, and love on her—and she sank into her fresh bed (I bought two in expectation of Situations) with a happy sigh.

She's such a good girl; I hate that I scared her.

I spoke to my oldest friend today. When we were saying goodbye, she told me, "Start accepting it now: you know you're not fostering Darcy."

I am too. Really. I can't have a 120- to 140-pound dog!

Damn it.

Anyone know of any Saint Bernard rescues? Anyone? We will drive Darcy anywhere in the contiguous U.S. once she's healthy, spayed, and fully vetted.
Tags: animal rescue, darcy dog, dog-related, fostering, shog

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