Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Savory bread pudding notes

Savory bread pudding with sausage, mushrooms and greens was pretty damn tasty (if a bit wet), but I have notes on how it might be improved.

  1. Butter the pan rather than oil it!

  2. The missing two eggs were missed.

  3. Shog didn't welcome the actual onion, and I think it added too much moisture; next time, try dehydrated onion flakes or powder.

  4. The mushrooms need to be roasted until they start to prune so that they can suck up moisture rather than release it.

  5. The greens need to be wrung the fuck out; I didn't cook off enough of their juice.

  6. The egg-cream-broth mixture needs to actually be a cheese sauce. There isn't that much cheese, and everything would mix more evenly if I poured the cheese sauce over the bread-meat-veg mixture.

  7. Last, the jalapeños didn't work; they were floral and lovely but not particularly hot. I need to use red pepper flakes or hot Hungarian paprika to increase the heat—oh! or actual hot sauce!

All that said, the pudding was very good, and Shog enjoyed it, but I want it to be perfectly delicious if I'm going to do all that work.

February 2021

P.S. I think that my recipe could be made as mini bread puddings for ease of serving, but would they freeze well for later "fast food" eating?

Oh, and there is no recipe because I read several and then used what I had.
Tags: cooking, recipe notes: savory bread pudding

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