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Iulia Linnea

Abecedarian Game Drabble, 9/9: YZ

The folx in my profic writers' group and I play the Abecedarian Game: any three consecutive letters can serve as prompt inspiration, and "running the letters" means answering nine prompt sets in abecedarian order (the final set is either a YZ or YZA one, depending upon preference). My group tends to select a specific dictionary from which we all pull prompts. Below, you'll find the ninth of nine little stories using words that I took from Phrontistery's Dictionary of Unusual Words.

My ninth two prompts, yaffingale and zaftig, inspired the ficlet,

Under Advisement (G; Teddy, the Potter family, Scorpius; 240 words): That's not just any zaftig yaffingale, it's Lily Luna Potter's zaftig yaffingale!

"What a great fat bird!" exclaimed Teddy.

This earned him a smack from Ginny as Harry backed out of the room and James Sirius and Albus Severus, with Scorpius on their heels, dived into the fort of cushions they'd made.

"How dare you speak about Yaffy in that nasty way!"

Eyes widening, Teddy answered, "But Lils, it is—"

"She," said Lily Luna, "is magnificently zaftig, and after being trapped in a cage without being fed properly for almost a year, she deserves every ounce of her beautiful 'birdness'!"

Teddy's hair turned brown and slid down the sides of his face as if heavy with tears.

"Now that's ugly."

"Lily Luna!"

"Sorry, Mum."

"Apologise to Teddy this instant!"



"Oh, fine," spat Lily Luna, reaching into Yaffy's cage to retrieve the brilliantly green woodpecker. "I am truly apologetic that you, Teddy, failed to see the gorgeousness before you. Yaffy the yaffingale is a very. Pretty. Bird."

With those words, the youngest Potter took her bird and flew from the room.

Blushing, his hair now a riotous rainbow of curls, Teddy's face puffed out and reddened.

"Oh, go on, you can laugh, now," said Ginny.

"But, but, but . . . I didn't know she'd rescued her!" Teddy said, through his peals.

"Yeah, she's a good girl," Harry replied, "however intense."

"Very! Very intense!" came various masculine assertions from the cushion fort. "Merlin!"

Harry chuckled. "You might want to invest in some fancy birdseed, that is, if you want her to speak to you again anytime soon."

"Er, thanks. I'll take that under advisement."
Tags: abecedarian game: running the letters, albus severus potter, drabbles/ficlets, ginny weasley, harry potter, james sirius potter, lily luna potter, scorpius malfoy, teddy lupin, the abecedarian game

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