Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Week Four of the sshg_promptfest!

Week Four of the sshg_promptfest continued with the following works:

  • Art: Identification, Please (G): While at work, these badges and wizards are separated by walls, wards, and stairs. But, at home, these ID badges never seem to sit too far apart. Just like the people to whom they belong.

  • Fic: The Game Changer (PG): What kind of things will happen between Severus and Hermione during a time of forced togetherness?

  • Fic: A Tempting Conversation (NC-17): Hermione experienced a change in lifestyle which led her to fall in love with Severus Snape. He completely approves of her new lifestyle and partakes in the change himself. Poor Ron, he should have listened to Severus' warnings that Hermione didn't want him to be part of her new life.

  • Art: Wylt Cave of Myrddin (G): Post war: Severus decides to share a potion he found while in the Dark Lord's service. It's responsible for his recovery, and it is hidden in an obscured part of a cave known to muggles as the "Wyllt Cave of Myrddin" on a shore of Cornwall.

  • Art: Under Malfoy Manor (PG): Hermione quietly follows Malfoy cronies to a room on a lower level during a Ministry party and finds Snape partaking of a beverage distributed by a sentient teapot. He talks her into giving it a try, claiming it was amongst the most beautiful…

  • Art: Hangover (PG-13): Headmistress Granger finds some lovely wine left in the office by some past holder of the position, she offers some to Mr. Snape who had come to advise her. They find out why the bottles hadn't been touched, and find out more about each other.

  • Fic: A Sorta Fairytale (G): "I watched what I believed to be his death and, because of truths I had been told as lies, I did nothing to save him. Knowing what I knew then, I would not change my actions. Knowing what I know now, I am compelled to aid those whose debts are as deep as my own." On the longest day, it is possible for mortals to journey to the fairy realms. Most come looking for lore or a guide. Hermione came for Severus.
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