Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Week Three of the sshg_promptfest!

Week Three of the sshg_promptfest continued with the following works:

  • Art: Books (G): Hermione sells books from a barrow, but dreams of bigger things.

  • Fic: Severus Snape and the Sexy Deathtraps (NC-17): Severus has some strong opinions about Hermione's shoes.

  • Art: First Date (G)

  • Fic: The Mirror's Reflection (PG-13): Severus and Hermione stumble upon the Mirror of Erised while making rounds at the school. What do each of them see, and why does Hermione stroke the mirror's reflection.

  • Fic: Strawberries (PG-13): Hermione and Severus take a "know your partner" quiz together, since they're such good friends and know each other, they think, pretty well. That couldn't get awkward at all, right.

  • Fic: The Halston Gown (NC-17): Ten years after the War, Hogwarts' new DADA Professor, who used to be an Auror, and the Potions Professor have secretly started to date without Rita Skeeter or anyone in the press catching on. Severus is faced with the question: Does he dare reach for what he wants.

  • Fic: Only Here for the Sex (PG): After arguing over a Gender Reveal party, Severus sets out to surprise Hermione with the sex of their first child. What could possibly go wrong?
Tags: community promotion, fest promotion, sshg_promptfest

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