Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

snapecase, Week One

Week One of snapecase saw the posting of the following works for Categories One through Five:

(Fic) Descent (PG-13): Young Severus Snape loves his father, but in a few short years, he'll despise him. What happened to change things so severely?

(Art) The Man Who Regrets (G)

(Fic) Transformation (PG): Not all magical transformations require the use of a wand when you have the right teacher.

(Art) Secret Ceremonials (G)

(Fic) The Sound of Silence (PG): It's Severus' 53rd birthday and January is always such a cold month to have a birthday. This morning, however, he experiences a much different birthday.

I post fest works in the order in which I receive them, so the alternating fic and art is entirely a coincidence. :D

P.S. The posting time of fest works, which I would love to be consistent, is entirely dependent upon a. if I can stay up to midnight (a rare occurrence) and b. when I wake up and have taken sufficient care of my household to be able to sit down and post. Shog and the fuzzies come first (unless I can post before they wake up!).
Tags: snapecase, snapecase 2020

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