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snapecase update: open positions

Sign ups for [info]snapecase are ongoing through October. Currently, the fest has the following open age-range category positions:

Age-Range Categories
 One  Snape from birth to 10-years-old  Open positions: 3 
 Two  Snape from 11- to 20-years-old  Open positions: 3 
 Three  Snape from 21- to 30-years-old  Open positions: 3 
 Four  Snape from 31- to 40-years-old  Open positions: 3 
 Five  Snape from 41- to 50-years-old (and beyond)  Open positions: 0 

You may learn more about the fest here, and direct your questions about the fest to snapecase [at] gmail [dot] com.

Snape Showcase

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