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January Wrap-Up

In January, I contributed three fics to snapecase and wrote one other fic:

Distant Relations (G; Severus, Eileen, others; 2408 words): Severus learns that house-elves never do anything by halves.

A Relative Feast (G; Severus, Tobias, Eileen, Lily; 1195 words): Severus is hungry for more than affection.

The Casting (PG-13; Eileen, others; 1561 words): Eileen affects a desperate, runic casting and only later takes the time to reflect upon her actions.

Throwing Salt (PG; Severus, others; 3000 words): Severus is not as alone as he thinks he is, no matter how lonely he may be.

I may have been a tad obsessed with house-elves this year. :P