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Poll results . . . and snow!

To the majority of the people who took the Severus at Breakfast poll, Severus drinks black tea in the morning and takes a sparing meal—and he's a morning person only insofar as he gets more done in the morning than most people do all day. Works for me—I wonder what he's getting done in the morning?

Aaand it's snowing! I saw seven plows yesterday, so I figured it was coming. Here's hoping it's not such a bad storm. Stay warm, everyone!


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Jan. 13th, 2019 06:51 am (UTC)
I've not seen any gritters about this year (yet) but it has been fairly mild. I do keep an eye open, as our lane (and most side roads) don't get gritted, and I'll pop along to the community salt bin for a bucket to spread myself. We don't get a huge amount of snow in this part of the UK, so I'm unlikely to see a plow unless it gets bad. Up in Sheffield (South Yorkshire), where C is at uni, they usually get enough to warrant the odd plow, but they are often needed around further north.

Generally, weather is fairly unpredictable in the UK, which is why so many are caught out by it when it happens :-\

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Jan. 13th, 2019 05:29 pm (UTC)
A community salt bin sounds quite civilized. :D You know, where I live, we do know about snow and it should never catch us by surprise, but it always seems to. If I see the plows putting themselves in position, that's always a sure sign to stock up and then stay off the roads (because again, when the county spends money, they know snow is on the way). Of course, pre-plows, there is always the forecast to consider. *rolls eyes*

Edited at 2019-01-13 05:29 pm (UTC)
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