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Yearly Wrap-Up: 2018 (6205 words)

In all the excitement of preparing for snapecase, I forgot to post my yearly wrap-up of 2018. Here you go!


A Dreadful Error (G; Severus Snape, original goblin character; 2411 words): Clerk-of-All-Work Grapplegore and Headmaster Snape are both having dreadful days—and they just keep coming.


Witches Love Poetry (PG-13; Severus/Hermione, others; 2027 words): Witches love poetry, but upon occasion, doggerel will do.

A Sobering Moment (PG; Severus, Eileen; 100 words)

Closing Time (G; Hermione, Severus; 100 words)

Rude Company (G; Severus, an unexpected guest; 100 words)

Sleeping Bastard (PG; Severus, Hermione, original hag; 832 words): Hermione finds Severus having a bit of fairytale trouble.


Family Portrait (G; Harry and his family; 636 words): Everything's already all right; Harry just needs a moment to recognise that happy fact.

Here's hoping I've more fandom writing time in 2019!