Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

snapecase has the best pinch-hitters in all of fandom! *dances*

OMG, yay! I am excited to report that, not only did two of my pinch-hitters turn around the same day with works, but sufficient people for a five-week fest offered to pinch-hit! But wait! That's not all!

Except, um, I'm not gonna tell you about the "all," for soon, you shall experience it for yourself! *flails with glee*

Thank you, so much, Creators! This is going to be a marvelous fest! *pleased*

So. Much. Yay!

snapecase begins on 1 January 2019. I cannot wait for it to begin!
Tags: gratitude, snapecase, squee

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