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I was messing around with a hobbit name generator today and came up with some pairings.


Alexis Oldbuck/Cunegundis Oakbottom (F/F)
Hildegarde Hogpen/Otto Underfoot (F/M)
Hagen Knotwise/Audoneus Goodsong (M/M)


Theodelinda Leafwalker/Primrose Burrows/Llewella Hedgehopper (F/F/F)
Keena Knotwise/Birinus Goodbody/Devin Underlake (F/M/F)
Gerbert Took-Took/Fastrada Bramblethorn/Hincmar Heathertoes (M/F/M)
Belisarius Hornwood/Theobald Bolger/Bungo Longhole (M/M/M)

Trouble (alone, or in whatever combination):

Calamity Whitlock (F): I think that the generator takes liberties, but I love this name!
Flambard Goodchild (M): And anyone who has "good" in his name is bound to be bad. :P


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Nov. 11th, 2017 05:22 pm (UTC)
Well that was fun
I got:

Heather Longbottom (a relative of Neville's?)
Pimpernel Gamwich
Irmingard Rumble
Bertha Stoor

Not so sure about the Stoor one (that name has always been too close to "Stool" for my comfort lol) and Irmingard makes me think of (a) A Little Princess and (b) the "ermagerd" meme. But I do like Pimpernal Gamwich :)
Nov. 12th, 2017 02:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Well that was fun
Pimpernal Gamwich is a great name, and I agree with you about Stoor. :P I'm glad you had fun!
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