Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

I'm not hiding (except from the one NSFW link under the cut), really!

I've just put up several previews for the sshg_promptfest and needed a break. Have some links!

Rainy Mood was my go-to generator of background noise—until today. Behold! The Internet now has a cat in Purrli! (WS site.) Merva and I snuggled into my phone this morning to enjoy the purring. Our snuggling might also have been called jetpacking (WS image). While we relaxed and began to think of food, Shog sent me this WS tweet of a quarter pounder. *snorts*

Fire spirit, anyone? (WS image.) The artist who created this graffiti made excellent use of the environment! (WS image.) This bird did the same thing while gathering nest-making materials (WS gif). The baby in the next WS gif wants no part of nature: the grass is lava; she'll most likely never grow up to look for and appreciate a man with "bully" potatoes (WS 1865 advert).

Ah, but not everyone is looking for a man woman human. Under the cut, if you're feeling, er, adventurous, please find something COMPLETELY different and TOTALLY NOT WS.

Did you know that there's a fetish for laying alien eggs inside oneself? o.O

By silicone, but we live in extraordinarily accommodating times for the kinky! Speaking of silicone, which I couldn't remember how to spell in this context until I looked it up, have you ever read Dangerous Lilly's site? Apparently, she's a critic of sex toys and burner of dildos. I wonder what she might have to say about ovipositors? I may look into that. Later. Much, much later.

For those of you who clicked the cut in error, why not take a trip to Cats in Sinks? (Or you could watch kittens jumping like rabbits!)

I'll be working on SSHG Prompt Fest previews tomorrow as I await the last of my extendees' works. Expect them soon, creators! Everyone: the fest begins on 1 July!
Tags: links, sshg_promptfest

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