Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

*drops links, departs*

To begin with, I'm confident that Sweden will rebuild. *snorts*

And while we're waiting for that to happen, we can enjoy beautiful and interesting things from Bored Panda:

10+ Creative Collars That Will Make You Want To Button All The Way Up

Animated wall, anyone?

I Made Arabic Words Easier To Learn By Illustrating Their Literal Meaning.

Here's one lovely way to live in the Arctic Circle.

Beautiful pictures of Ireland.

This Artist Used A 110-Year-Old Technique To Create Surreal Indoor Landscape Photomontages.

Beautiful pictures of waves (there's a face in the third one!).

Russian fairytales, brought to life.

Surreal Illustrations For Book Lovers By Korean Artist Jungho Lee.

This Teen Just Sneaked Into Band’s VIP Section By Simply Editing Its Wikipedia Page!

/Bored Panda

In other news, Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings.

Hungry? Make epic pancakes with your rice cooker!

But don't eat the "leaves."

My inner goth still finds this dragon ring as cool as my "outer" one would have in high school. :P

And OMG, but I found a (NWS) modern equivalent to the (WS because it's cultural) fascinus—and this one changes state (check out the images)!

Somewhat related: Sometimes, size does matter (and yes, this is WS).

And it's still not a flying car (where is my long overdue flying car?!), but this hoverbike's still pretty cool!

Oh! Did you hear that Rick and Morty's finally coming back? Behold!


P.S. I have the book, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, and Shog's teased me about the title forever: coming in 2018, we'll all finally be able to experience, Meg, the movie! It should be incredibly cheesy with excellent effects; I can't wait!
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