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Pics of our fuzzies, a list of distractions, and a vid!


(Clicking the following pics will embiggen them.)

Yes, we can can along . . .

Yes, we can get along . . . when it’s cold!

when it's cold—

Merva Guarding Albus

unless "someone" wants to be alone with her dog. :P

Last night, Shog told me that someone had made a bread starter and named it "Breadpool." He wants our next one to be called the "Bread Pirate Roberts." *snorts* Our oven was repaired today, so we can bake again! I just won't be baking the first item on the list below the cut. ;P

  1. Whatever we end up baking in the near future, I hope it turns out a lot better than these red velvet cinnamon rolls shaped like, ahem, hearts.

  2. In an experimental frame of mind? However tempting the (WS, no, really!) "cocktus" looks, don't sit on it.

  3. Don't forget to close the lid, or someone else might make himself comfortable.

  4. Vegetarians should skip this creatively arranged meat case because they'll find it unappetizing.

  5. Vegans, however, might enjoy partaking of this big boy.

  6. I'm not sure that these NWS "dicksticks" are cruelty free—or safe for feminism.

  7. While I may not be up for self-objectification, I'm always up for a laugh.

  8. I enjoy a good, sloth-related aww, as well!

  9. I'm a big fan of dogs, too, which is why I've started checking out WeRateDogs on Twitter.

  10. Getting back to vegetables, are you familiar with the works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo?

  11. I wonder what he would have thought about honest dictionaries?

  12. Did he love books as much as he loved vegetables?

  13. And now for something completely different (but silly), here's Intergalactic diplomacy: if it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid.

All that listed, have a mind-blowing vid, the Size Comparison of the Universe 2017:

I've posted vids like this before, and I'll post ones like it again; I find such comparisons absolutely fascinating.

/my helping you distract yourselves today
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