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I sautéed a Granny Smith in a teaspoon of ghee this morning, added ten leaves' worth of collard ribbons and some cinnamon and nutmeg, as well, and then tumbled the lot on top of a Fage rasberry yogurt before mixing it up, topping it with chia seeds, and enjoying the hell out of it. It was incredibly satisfying.

The apple was supposed to be a part of a pie, but our oven's broken and won't be fixed until at least the 14th, which vexes me because I was planning a lot of roasted veg. I'm now planning a lot of soup.

This morning's been an interesting juggle, and I've gotten loads done, and now I'm off to take Zelda to the vet (wish her luck!). Before I go, have a link: 10+ Times J. K. Rowling Brutally Destroyed Internet Trolls.

You go, Jo!

P.S. It feels like spring outside; the geese are feeling it in very exhibitionistic ways. *coughs*