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snapecase's sixth set of entries has posted!

snapecase's sixth set of entries has posted!

FIC: The Dark Half (PG-13): "Be careful, Severus. Tonight is Samhain. The dark half of the year has begun, and you know better than to think it's all cheerful fairy tales and bobbing for apples."

ART: Severus and Raven (G): Severus and his best friend (other than Lily) walking in first snow in the season.

FIC: A Grief that Can't Be Spoken (G): How do you say goodbye? For Severus Snape, the answer is "Alone."

ART: How Can I Help You, Minerva? (G): Ah, those glorious years before Harry Potter's arrival at Hogwarts when Gryffindors still ate humble pie...

FIC: A Conversation Amongst Equals (PG-13): Severus gave Minerva the cold shoulder for twenty-two years… until he finally gave her a shoulder to cry on.