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REC: teryarel's Snarry works.

I just spent a pleasant period of time acquainting myself with teryarel's Snarry works, which are full of heart and hope and sweetness (though not without a wee bit of angst). Without having been writing long, teryarel's use of description and turns of phrase are beautiful and expressive, and I enjoyed everything I read.

teryarel's works include:

  • In-Between (PG; Severus; 1000 words): Severus contemplates his past and gets an invitation for a new beginning.

  • Paper Cover (PG; Snarry; 300 words): Written for snape100's Pride and Prejudice Challenge.

  • Beneath the Cover (PG; Snarry; +/- 500 words): When Severus got up to refill his cup Harry leant back into his seat and asked: "So. What are your thoughts then on Mr. Darcy?"

  • Hero-worship (implied Snarry, Teddy Lupin; 300 words): An answer to the Hinkypunks challenge at snape100.

  • Fighter (PG; Severus Snape, Harry Potter; 100 words): Written for snape100's Challenge #664: "Snape ReSorted - Wampus."

If you enjoy Snarry, you should check out teryarel's works and leave some encouragement in reply to them; it would be lovely to read more by this author!