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Your version of Severus’ answers to the Liptonian version of the Proust Questionnaire

Thank you, eclecticbv, eoforyth, delphipsmith, teryarel, and too_dle_oo, for taking my last poll.

I chose "pork" as Severus' favorite word because he was a hungry kid, and pork in all its forms is glorious—just like "More...more...MORE!!!" of everything would be. Severus' intelligence, wit, and perhaps, a need to cover any insecurities he might have makes "Obviously" an excellent choice of favorite word (it was chosen twice!), as well. Impatience and anger, Severus knows these emotions well, which make "dunderhead" and "fuck" both great choices.

I selected "Potter" as Severus' least favorite word. ("James or Harry, Severus?" *snorts* "Both, of course.") Other options were "snookums," which no one could be blamed for hating; "Byronic," which might hit too close to or too far from home, depending upon his mood/characterization; "Gryffindor," which would be a fighting word; "cuddle," which implies, well, cuddling, which implies an intimacy that, perhaps, Severus neither wants nor has ever had; and "coward," which would be a near killing word. *hides*

I don't think that Severus would share what turned him on, so I muffled his reply. too_dle_oo believes that "independence" turns Severus on. eoforyth thinks it's the proper manipulation of his equipment ("There's a large knob down there-twiddle it right..."). eclecticbv thinks that it's "Brains and curly-haired know-it-alls." delphipsmith believes that it's "a well-done potion." Last but not least, "intelligence, loyalty, and a firm bun" are what teryarel thinks turn Severus on.

These are the sounds that we believe Severus loves: [Muffled]'s voice, the "first day of summer" silence of Hogwarts, that indrawn breath as he enters a room, silence, softly simmering potions (or bubbling cauldrons if one prefers), and classical music.

These are the sounds that we believe Severus hates: Potter's voice, cauldrons exploding, that indrawn breath as he enters a room, children in large groups/classrooms, "Erm...professor...," and chattering/cheery children.

I'm interested to see that "fuck" didn't make it on to the list of Severus' favorite curse word, but these words (and phrases) did:

Sod it
"Well bugger me with a toasting fork."

Of the professions other than his own that Severus would like to attempt, eclecticbv, teryarel and I think that Severus would be interested in Spellcrafting/creating new spells. delphipsmith believes that he'd prefer being a Ninja assassin. ("Was that a childhood wish or a current one, Mr Snape?" *glares at questioner* "Yes.") eoforyth thinks that Severus would like to be a food/restaurant critic (which is a scary thought for all chefs everywhere!). Lastly (but not "leastly?" no never leastly *snorts*), too_dle_oo feels that it's Severus' true desire to be a drummer for the Clash. Can you imagine how much more calm he might be if he were drumming?! I can. :D

We think that Severus would hate teaching, being a self-help guru, doing the Welcome Witch's job, and child minding/nannying/child care of any kind (unless he's were caring for his own children).

If heaven exists, two of us think that what Severus would like to hear God say when he arrives at the pearly gates is "Welcome." One of us thinks it's "Well done." Our other thoughts are "I apologise," "I see you and accept you," and "Actually, neither Tom nor Albus made here it!"

All that said, as Severus is not dead and will not be dying anytime soon thanks to fandom, he won't have a chance to discover what God might greet him with at the pearly gates. *firm*
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