Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

The Universe thinks that we've a vacancy . . .

I got home tonight to discover Niamh and Merva puffy tailed and hunkered down on the same side of the porch; they were watching a fluffy white cat with gray markings. It was dark, so I didn't see her (?) very well, but she appeared clean and not emaciated before she ran off at my approach. I saw a similar (if not the same) cat going over our across-the-street neighbors' back fence the other day, and Albus has been sniffing around the flower beds with great interest for a while. I'm pretty sure that the cat's just visiting. Of course, I didn't hear any hissing while she and my girls were checking each other out, so she might be making nice in an attempt to fill our "vacancy." I'll just have to keep a look out for her and play it by ear.

In other news, an asshole, flashing his brights and honking, followed me down the road tonight, and then followed me into my development. I believe he did this because I was driving the speed limit and stopping at stop signs! *shakes fist* It was disturbing, so I drove down our street and took a route out of the neighborhood before turning around to reenter it by a different route—and I picked up another light flasher, again, for driving the speed limit and stopping at stop signs! Again, I passed our house, lost the asshole, and went home by a different route, and this time, I made it home without company before sitting quietly in the garage for a bit.

I'm quite glad that I don't carry a firearm; I genuinely thought about how I might kill both drivers as I sat there trying to get over my "it's-done-so-now-I-can-freak-out" freak out. Our development doesn't have lights, and it's very dark on moonless nights—but there are always people out walking dogs or walking off meals, and the recent increase in undeniably hostile driving is quite upsetting. The other day, some old coot almost ran down an elderly woman and her small dog when he went around me (I was doing the speed limit); she was so visibly scared that I pulled over to comfort her and make sure that she was okay. She was, thank goodness, but WtF?! Why are people driving like asshats? *stabbity*

While sitting there, Mom called to tell me that she was back in hospital . . . with a blood infection. She can't catch a break. *sighs*

Shog is now giving me a survey about the TiVo, which I suppose is better than listening to him talk about politics. Wish me luck, and Shog, a short attention span. *snorts; huggles flist*
Tags: asshattery, cat-related, family, life, mom, shog

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