Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Poll results: Here's how you take your Snape!

The majority of people who took the How do you take your Snape? poll prefer their Snape in any fan works at all!

That said, Snarry and Snermione tied as the pairings in which the majority of poll-takers take their Snape.

Of those of us who answered the portmanteau question, I take Snanything, honeymink takes Sninny, sigune creates Snape/OFC, kitty_fic takes Drapery or Snarco (Snarco! Love it!), too_dle_oo takes Snacklebolt and Snupin, perverse_idyll takes Snagonagall (which just trips off the tongue, doesn't it? :D), accioslash takes Snape/Petunia (Snatunia?), reynardo refuses to limit herself and demands Snolyamory! (\o/), teryarel takes SnOC (i.e. Snofc and Snomc), and eclecticbv takes Snemus. *dances*

Snape, for most of us, cries only under very specific circumstances. That said, sachael is confident enough to assert that Tears are for the weak.

And Snape's ticky is none of your concern, but kitty_fic and I dare to say that it is bigger than yours!

Thanks for playing, all!
Tags: poll results, severus snape

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