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I've been using Calorie Count's recipe analyzer to calculate my recipes' nutritional information for a long time. I used to use books, and then books and the USDA's nutrient database, essentially doing the work "by hand." I don't want to go back to that because it was incredibly time consuming. Does anyone know if there's another (free) recipe analyzer out there that one can use without signing up for an account? If there's a decent analyzer that requires a login or small fee, I might consider it (but it would have to be hassle free).

Please help!

ETA: Canada has saved me with eaTracker! It's not as convenient to use as my old tracker (because one could just drop the entire recipe into the analyzer), but it's still better than having to do everything with a book. I also found, but haven't yet tried, the following sites:


Hurrah for the Internet! *dances*


Jan. 18th, 2017 02:31 pm (UTC)
I'm about to run out the door with Albus but wanted you to know I just sent a huge message your way—and yes, I had to let go my dream of an original edition because I did not have that kind of money. :P Yay, reprints!