Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Albus just dragged me halfway around the pond—and almost through it!

Albus made it known that he had business to conduct immediately, which I found odd because we hadn't been inside that long since his last walk. Nevertheless, I took him out, only to discover that his "business" was landing on the pond: a huge flock of geese. Even with the hood, the dog can see quite well. He made a perfect point, and I said (stupidly), "Okay, Albus, I see the—" That's how I almost ended up in the pond, "okay" being his release word. Several repetitions of his release phrase, "Leave it!" later, I got him back under control. He then caught sight of our mama fox, who lost herself at once, and then, my irritatingly alert dog saw the old brown dog noodling on the far bank of the pond and took off around it, dragging me after him.

Albus loves the old brown dog, and I love Albus, but I do not enjoy being dragged through rain and mud. Post-bath, Albus is snuggling with Shog. I want a bath, myself, but poor Zelda's stomach is upset. I need to clean up after her and cuddle her before I can get warm.

It's going to be a day.

In other news, snapecase's first two entries have comments on them, which is good considering everyone's panic over the server move. I hope that people will have a chance to enjoy the fest in between bouts of backing up their journals.

Oh, and I'm making new friends in spite of the potential impending doom of LJ, which is both unexpected and lovely. :D
Tags: albus, cat-related, dog-related, life, livejournal, snapecase, zelda

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