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Iulia Linnea

End of year musings on fandom and (briefly) family

It's been bugging me for a while that I only had yearly wrap-ups done since '08, so I finally got around to doing the missing years. Behold!

Yearly Wrap-Up Tags

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's tremendously satisfying to me to see all those tags line up. :P

And damn, but I've written a lot!

Not counting the early BtVS & Angel stuff I posted before LiveJournal, the two fics that I lost to my back-up snafu1 (a Charlie/Hermione and a Narcissa/Lucius, Lucius/Severus, Severus/Narcissa fic featuring ass-to-mouth o.O), my abandoned WsiP (Learning to Lovegood {Snuna} and Protective Services {Snape/Ginny}, which I never got around to reposting after the aforementioned snafu), and Getting Severus Married (which isn't yet archived at my Archive of Our Own page), I've archived 984,516 words of fic in 804 fics! I know people who have archived more, but it amazes me to know how much fandom writing I've done (which is closer to two million words if I include my pre-journal fandoms, including but not limited to *blushes* Duran Duran AR RPF *snorts at self; does not miss high school*).

1It pains me even after all this time because it was like a death, the loss of hundreds of posts and conversational threads that represented the formation of friendships and much of the early fun—not to mention, history—I had here at LiveJournal. I almost left fandom, it hurt so much. As well, rebuilding my journal only to think of all the comments that I lost sucked ass, too, because my early chapter-by-chapter writing was informed and fueled by the comments I received. The momentum of those days, I miss it so much.

Most of all, I miss the people with whom I lost touch while reposting all my fic; fandom names changed, people moved into other parts of fandom or other fandoms entirely, and loads of people left to follow other WsiP that were being updated regularly. When I lost the audiences for my WsiP, I lost the desire to complete them—well, most of them; GSM isn't finished because a) I did finish it and my betae kicked it back, b) I stopped feeling Snarry for a long time, and c) every time I work on it, someone I love dies (or almost does). I haven't abandoned it, but I suspect that I'm the only one who'll give a damn when it's finally done.

The best part about getting my works in order is that I've been rereading them and still enjoying them (for the most part). I never really gave it much thought while I was writing my early stuff, but I don't suppose that I expected to like it years later. It's nice to find myself entertaining (and to remind myself that I've always been a pairing whore :P).

Speaking of being a pairing whore, I'm really thrilled to have gotten enough interest in snapecase to bring it out of retirement on such short notice, but it's the "gen-iest" run of it I've ever seen. *snorts* Still, it brings more options with it than the sshg_promptfest, which I'm thinking of retiring in favor of running something else this summer, such as hogwarts_houses. Of course, the last run of the SSHG Prompt Fest featured (with a few, startlingly unpleasant exceptions) some of the best participants I've ever had, and I don't want to disappoint any of them—or any newbies looking for a supportive fest with clear guidelines. That said, as a pairing whore, I would really like the opportunity to explore and promote pairings other than SS/HG.

I don't have a lot of time to decide whether or not to run the Prompt Fest again, but if I do, I think I'm going to limit the entries to one LJ post; with the SSHG Gift Fest up and running so well without an upper word count, there's no reason not to let the Prompt Fest function more like a prompt fest. By that, I mean that in a prompt fest, one should seize upon something that moves one, create it, submit it, and perhaps, go again rather than agonize over every creative decision. Short fic is conducive to calmness, but we'll see.

I'm in a thoughtful, sentimental mood for a few reasons tonight. Earlier today, I cracked opened a yogurt and burst into tears because it's the first yogurt that I've eaten without paying Barefoot's Cat Tax on it. She loved yogurt and was incredibly pushy about getting some. I shared my sadness with Shog, who'd felt something similar when realizing he didn't need a fourth plate when he first fed our girls the morning after the 'Foot's death.

As well, 2016 continues to suck: on the heels of her daughter's death, Debbie Reynolds followed Carrie Fisher to the grave. *shakes fist at selfish, murderous year*

There are other things that have me feeling thoughtful this near to year's end, but I will spare you the details and merely wish you happy, healthy, and strong familial bonds in 2017. *huggles*
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