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Yearly Wrap-Up: 2006



A Brief Break in the Tidying Up (NC-17; Kingsley/Severus; 2139 words): Kingsley Shacklebolt needs a break—and someone with whom to share it.

Ron's Girl (NC-17; Hermione/George, Luna/Fred; 2347 words): Hermione is urged by Luna to ask at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for some special service, and George provides it—with the help of his twin and Fred's girlfriend.


Genealogical Calculation (R; Blaise/Pansy; 585 words): Genealogical calculation is just one of the things Blaise has learned from his mother.


Squashed (G; Harry; 100 words)

Mrs. Lupin Was a Nice Lady (PG-13; Canon Male Character, Mrs. Lupin; 200 words)

Ugly (G; Severus; 100 words)

Stoking the Family Fire (NC-17; Lucius, Rodolphus, Female Canon Character; 1050 words): After Lucius is summoned to the Black residence and given some unwelcome news, Rodolphus provides him with more than moral support.

Seal of Approval (PG-13; Hermione/Male Canon Character; 2951 words): Hogwarts' new Potions mistress needs more than her Revealer.

The Famulus (NC-17; Bellatrix/Harry, Voldemort/Harry, Male Canon Character; 2605 words): Harry discovers "the power the Dark Lord knows not."

Truth in the Keeping of Stones (NC-17; Snuna; 3450 words): Severus and Luna are bound by something more than loneliness.

Useless (Sirius/Remus, PG-13, 645 words): Sirius apologizes.

A Divinatory Interlude (NC-17; Snape/Lavender; 800 words): Lavender can see Snape's immediate future.

The Company of Oblivion (NC-17; Godric/Severus, Severus/Harry; 1595 words): Severus has an experience in the Forbidden Forest that teaches him he no longer desires the company of oblivion.

His Potential (PG-13; Tom Riddle, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall; 370 words)

Educational Needs (PG-13; Snuna, others implied; 1105 words): Severus and Luna have an awkward encounter with Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Making Sure (NC-17; Snarry; 1608 words): Severus distracts Harry on a Monday.

Pride's First Fall (NC-17; Severus/Bellatrix, implied Severus/Narcissa; 2860 words): At fifteen, Severus knows something about Dark Magic, but he would prefer to know a certain dark-haired witch.


Artemisia Absinthium (PG-13; implied Lucius/Severus; 2440 words): Severus knows about Artemisia absinthium; unfortunately, he knows precious little about Lucius Malfoy.

Keeping Out of Trouble (PG-13; Remus, Lily, Severus; 684 words)

Generosity (NC-17; Draco/Harry, Blaise/Draco, implied future Blaise/Harry; 765 words)

A Danger to the Students (G; Albus Dumbledore, OFC; 511 words)

Transformare (Hard R; Snarry, others; 27,340 words): In the face of loss and transformation, Harry learns that, however ill-expressed, "love is an ever-fixed mark."

Untitled drabble for geniusartist (NC-17; Snarry; 571 words)

Untitled drabble for inell (NC-17; Hermione/Fred/George; 520 words)

Untitled drabble for rexluscus and fodirteg (PG-13; Remus/Severus; 348 words)

Untitled drabble for stasia (PG-13; Gregory Goyle/Hermione Granger; 672 words)

The Grief Mistress (G; Draco, Luna; 2300 words): A mother's love never fails: Draco visits Narcissa's tomb and receives an unexpected visitation.

Her Majesty (PG-13; Hermione/Fred/George; 100 words)

Tournament Play (NC-17; Severus/Charlie/Luna; 300 words)

Mad Banana Logic (PG-13; Harry/Dudley; 100 words)

Three Decisions toward Embracing the Burn (PG-13; Snaco; 100 words)

What Happy Wall Is This? (R; Snarry; 100 words)

Prizes and Preparations (NC-17; Snarraco; 100 words)

Rising Again (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

On Display (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

Special Team Surprise (R; Weasley Twins/Lee Jordan; 100 words)

Fruit to Nuts (NC-17; Snape/Harry/Luna; 100 words)


Home Coming (PG-13; Hermione/Fred/George; 100 words)

A Literary Evening (R; Hermione/Fred/George; 100 words)

Finding Freckles (PG-13; Hermione/Fred/George; 100 words)

Always Up for a Dip (PG-13; Hermione/Fred/George; 100 words)

Falling Farther (PG-13; Severus/Draco; 100 words)

Redemption (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Malak's Method (R; Revan/Malak/Bastila; 350 words)

Promises (PG-13; Bill/Tonks; 100 words)

The Detour (NC-17; Bill/Tonks/Charlie; 100 words)

Necessary Distraction (NC-17; Bill/Tonks/Sirius; 100 words)

Not Him (R; Blaise/Ginny; 100 words)

Wanking with a Friend (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

Calculation (PG-13; Severus/Lucius/Hermione; 100 words)

A Fantasy of Brothers (NC-17; Bill/Severus/Charlie; 100 words)

A Necessary Bother (NC-17; Harry/Luna; 2790 words): Luna can see more than Thestrals; she can see that Harry needs someone to comfort him—and a little pragmatic "bothering."

A New Profession (G; Harry, Dumbledore, Dobby; 100 words)

A Life Worth Loving (G; Snarry; 200 words)

Kept (NC-17; Severus/George; 150 words)

Too Cute (G; Draco Malfoy, Remus Lupin, implied Snarry; 100 words)

"Is she looking, yet?" (NC-17; Girl!Harry, Fred/George; 100 words)

A Long Luncheon: First of Many (NC-17; Blaise/Neville; 100 words)

The Gift (G; Minerva, Hedwig, Flitwick; 100 words)

Theatrics (PG-13; implied Bellatrix/Alice; 100 words)

Post-Celebration (R; Harry/Ron/Hermione; 100 words)

The Ache of "Never" (NC-17; Ron/Harry; 100 words)

Personal Photo Journalism (NC-17; Colin Creevey/himself, Snary; 100 words)

Inspirations toward a Superior Wank (NC-17; Harry/Golden Snitch, Hermione/Ron; 100 words)

Trash (PG-13; implied Snarry; 100 words)

Professorial Inclination (PG-13; Hermione Granger, Severus Snape; 100 words)

Career Perks (NC-17; Girl!Harry/Luna/Severus; 100 words)

Not the Same, Not Ever Enough (NC-17; Remus/Tonks/Harry; 100 words)

The Boy Who . . . (NC-17; Severus, Bill, Bill/Harry; 100 words)

The Accident (G; Poppy Pomfrey, Severus Snape, Crookshanks; 100 words)

Is that what they're calling them, these days? (G; Hagrid/Severus; 100 words)

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore (G; Girl!Severus/Remus; 100 words)

On Being a Good Example (PG-13; Draco/Luna; 100 words)

Semantics (NC-17; Harry/Ginny; 100 words)

Sweet Nothing (NC-17; Severus/Harry/Narcissa; 100 words)

Tourist Attraction (PG-13; Harry, Luna, Severus; 100 words)

Well and Truly Fucked (PG-13; Harry/Lucius; 100 words)

Coming Out of Retirement (NC-17; Slughorn/Neville; 100 words)

Passing Muster (G; Harry/Bill; 150 words)

While the ganders are away . . . . (NC-17; Pansy/Ginny; 100 words)

The Soothing of Obsessions (NC-17; Draco/James/Harry; 160 words)

Misery's Company (G; Moaning Myrtle, Bertha Jorkins; 100 words)

Not Yours (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

Last Conversation (NC-17; Sirius/Regulus/Bellatrix; 100 words)

Memento (G; Molly, Lily; 100 words)

Tea and Tits (PG-13; Girl!Severus/Dolores Umbridge; 100 words)

What Harry Was Missing (NC-17; Ron/Draco; 100 words)

Ceremonial Play (NC-17; Harry/Draco/Pansy; 100 words)

Madness Followed (NC-17; Severus/Harry; 150 words): In a break with tradition, I am warning those of faint heart not to read this drabble!

The Surprise (NC-17; Hermione/Ginny/Luna/FC; 280 words)

Too Well Trained to Offer a Suggestion (NC-17; Severus/Harry/Lucius; 100 words)

No Return (G; Girl!Harry/Ron; 100 words)

She Didn't Feel the Same When She Woke Up (PG-13; Snarry, Ginny; 100 words)

Embracing Blindness (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Betrayal's Consoling Distillation (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Dark Creature (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)

Playing with the Truth (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

A New Profession (NC-17; implied Snarry; 150 words)

Over-Familiarity Above the Non-Familiar (PG-13; Snarry, Animagus!Minerva; 100 words)

Spoiling the Baby (G; Harry's godfather!Remus, Girl!Harry, Lily, James; 100 words)

Getting the Girl (PG-13; Girl!Harry/Severus; 200 words)

New Talent (PG-13; implied Snarry, Gilderoy Lockhart; 100 words)

Death Eater's Plaything (NC-17; Pansy/Luna; 150 words)

The Audience (NC-17; James/Lily, Filch, Mrs. Norris; 150 words)

His Green-Eyed Girl (NC-17; Girl!Harry/Snape; 200 words)

From Home (PG-13; Blaise/Pansy; 100 words)

Magic among Sisters (R; Bellatrix/Andromeda, Bellatrix/Narcissa; 100 words)

Portrait Gossip (PG-13; Andromeda/Bellatrix, implied Bellatrix/Narcissa; 150 words)

At Night (PG-13; Blaise/Draco; 100 words)

How Things Were (NC-17; James/Sirius/Remus; 100 words)

Debating the Voices Within (R; Tom Riddle/Dumbledore/Voldemort; 100 words)

Anthropological Exploration (PG-13; Ginny/Hermione, Ron; 100 words)

The Lovers' Tree (PG-13; Severus/Minerva; 330 words)

His First Taste of Magic (G; Albus, OFC, Mr. Honeydukes; 100 words)

Constantly Vigilant and No Damned Fun (G; Kingsley, Tonks, Moody; 150 words)

A House Elf's Duty (G; Dobby, Kreacher, Sirius; 100 words)

Always Know the Game (NC-17; Draco/MCC, Pansy/MCC; 623 words): Pansy interrupts Draco's daydream—or does she?

Showing Severus (Hard R; Severus/Minerva; 2276 words): Minerva needs the trust of the men in her life.

At Home with the Dark Lord (PG-13; Harry/Snape/Luna; 100 words)

Peach Pie and Petulance (PG-13; Harry/Snape/Luna; 100 words)

Don't Question (NC-17; Harry/Snape/Hermione; 100 words)

Possession and Insanity (NC-17; Snarry; 100 words)

About the Point in the Dream He Always Wakes (R; Snape/Girl!Harry; 100 words)

Crookshanks' Question (NC-17; Snarry, Crookshanks; 100 words)

Keeping Warm at Christmas (R; Kingsley/Snape; 100 words)

Take Your Husband to Work Day (R; Snape/Girl!Harry; 100 words)

A Pragmatic Apology (R; Snape/Hooch/Minerva; 100 words)

A Reward for Service (NC-17; Lucius/Harry, Harry/Severus, Voldemort; 100 words)

The Importance of Clarity (NC-17; Harry/Lucius/Severus; 100 words)

Helping Out 'Round the Shoppe (NC-17; Fred/George/Remus; 100 words)

Exceedingly Well-Arranged (PG-13; implied Severus/Lucius, implied Severus/Narcissa; 100 words)

Myrtle's Interesting Afternoon (PG-13; Hermione/Millicent; 100 words)

A Diary's Advice (PG-13; Harry Potter/Tom Riddle; 100 words)

Conversation Interruptus (PG; Severus/Girl!Harry, others; 3365 words): After the war, Snape is concerned when a member of the Order displays signs of illness and wants to help.

Securing Arrangements (G; Dumbledore, Fudge; 100 words)

Passing the Loo Rolls (G; Snarry; 100 words)

The Thankless Task (G; Snape, Harry; 100 words)

Only Boys (G; Severus, Minerva; 100 words)

When the Hands of the Family Clock Cease to Turn (PG-13; Molly; 100 words)

Time for Grief (PG-13; Snarry; 100 words)


Laundry Day (PG-13; Snarry; 517 words): Harry interferes with one of Severus' household chores.

Paying for It (R; Severus/Rosmerta; 2500 words): Over the years, Severus finds that the comfort afforded by Rosmerta's lips is worth paying for.

Sorting Out the Family (G; Severus Snape, Harry Potter, OMC, OFC, Minerva McGonagall; 500 words): Harry and Severus' children are Sorted.


A Thing Strange and New (G; Snuna; 3893 words): On the cusp of freedom, Severus finds himself with company as he undertakes one final duty.

Peer Pressure (PG-13; Snape/Harry; 460 words: AR)

A Plan of Pleasure (R; Lucius/Harry; 315 words)

Faking It (NC-17; Hermione/Fred/George; 175 words)

Bollocks-ing Around (PG-13; Ron/Draco/Harry; 200 words)

Amortentia (PG-13 (raised from its original G rating; same story}; Severus/Ginny, implied Harry/Ginny; 907 words): Ginny made her choice long before it was taken away from her.

More of the Same (G; Sirius/Remus; 350 words)

The Plans of Uncrowned Kings (G; Severus/Harry, Minerva; 450 words)

Eaveswanking (NC-17; Charlie, Harry; 245 words)

Iuls' First Cracktastic Dention Drabble, or A Malfoy is Never Scared (NC-17; Hagrid/Lucius Malfoy; 387 words)

The Near Miss (G; Severus/Luna; 1063 words), for mananeh: Severus doesn't know Luna Lovegood half as well as he might . . . .

Again, Like Always (NC-17; Harry/Remus; 150 words)

Keeping it Down (NC-17; Tonks/Charlie; 186 words)

Congratulations on Winning the War (G; Harry, others mentioned; 220 words)

Date Night (NC-17; Severus/Harry; 150 words)

Truce (G; Severus/Harry; 200 words),

Bundle of Joy (G; Snarry; 178 words)

No Good Deed (R; Snarry; 365 words)

The Watcher (G; implied Harry/Male Canon Character; 1500 words): Harry extends his hospitality to someone badly in need of it.


Harry's One-Sided Conversation with Jo: Five Comments (PG-13; Harry, implied J.K. Rowling; 171 words)

Post-Explosion Declaration (PG-13; Snarry; 189 Words)

When Wrong Is Right (PG; Fred/Hermione, Molly; 190 words)

With Only a Potion Between Them (G; Snape/Lupin; 195 words)

The Point of the Matter (PG-13; Charlie/Harry; 176 words)


A Spell of Liking (PG-13; Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood; 3542 words): Severus doesn't believe that he should be free, but his opinion on the matter wasn't sought.

When Guidance Misses Its Mark (PG-13; Severus, his parents, Albus Dumbledore, others; 1177 words): Severus obeys his father as best he can.

The Circularity of a Straight Path (G; Severus Snape; 100 words)

Never Be More My Son (PG-13; Harry, Voldemort; 1300 words): Harry's father teaches him how to become a proper wizard.

Absit Invidia (PG-13; Bill Weasley, Blaise Zabini; 1477 words): In the course of his duties, Bill inadvertently provides a service to Mrs. Zabini.

A Talisman toward Silver and Blue (PG-13; Daphne Greengrass, others; 2411 words): Daphne learns that she is her own mistress before returning to Hogwarts as a student.


A Hero's Trust (PG-13; Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, other; 2300 words): Following the post-war celebrations, Harry discovers, among other things, how Snape secured Dumbledore's trust.

The Side Effects of Too Much Tea (Hard R; Severus/Girl!Harry; 3845 words): Severus goes looking for his student.


20 Random Facts about Susan Weasley, née Bones (PG-13; Charlie/Susan; 700 words)

Happy Anniversary, A (G; Girl!Harry/Severus; 298 words): Severus gives Harry a gift.


A Christmas Gift Given among Family (G; Sirius/Remus, the Potters; 545 words)