Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Yearly Wrap-Up: 2004

I'm fairly certain that I wrote more than the two stories in '04, but reconstructing my journal after my back-up snafu was not without its difficulties.



Birds of a Feather (PG-13; Harry/Hermione, others; 1282 words): At the start of their seventh year, Harry shows Hermione Hedwig's new friend, and they discuss another one as they find their way to each other supposedly clear.


Remembrance and Reunion (R; Girl!Harry/Severus, others; 35,020 words): A story set in the Wizarding World and beneath it that traces the forgotten repercussions of an ancient war to the aftermath of the second rise of Lord Voldemort, and details certain events that have a bearing on both the future of Britain's magical society and two of its more famous inhabitants, one of whom has left her world behind—or has she? (Completed in 2005.)
Tags: yearly wrap-up, yearly wrap-up: 2004

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