Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

My poor neighbor (needs comfort; hence the icon for being pretty comfy looking to me *snorts*)

I was just opening the back door to take Albus for a quick pee break when I saw my neighbor streaking out of his back door in his boxers (and nothing else) holding a flaming pan as far away from himself as he could before chucking it. I tried to remain still so as not to startle him, but Albus broke from me and tried to bark his way through the screen.

Me (after calming Albus): "You okay, there?"

Neighbor (completely ignoring his state of undress): "Yep. How've you been? Ready for Christmas?"

Me: "Just a bit of wrapping left. You?"

Neighbor: "Fu—ouch!" [He tried to pick up the pan without the pot holder, which he'd flung away with the pan.] "Yeah, my wife's on wrapping. I was making cookies."

Me: "Um . . . ."

Neighbor: "Yeah, I think I'll ask for help with the next batch."

I was really good and didn't burst into laughter until I got back inside. Albus still needs his pee break; Shog's going to take him out front. ;P
Tags: life

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