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Oh, sheesh!

Thank you all so much for your support in the wake of my post about our old lady cats. I just realized that I shouldn't try to multi-task because I've just answered all your comments while logged in as snapecase_mod. *rolls eyes at self* I really do appreciate your kindness—as iulia_linnea, iuls, or whatever account I happen to be logged into at the time. (I've been super distracted lately; I know I've answered comments from my beta journal for people who have no idea it's me.)

*warm, appreciative hugs*

Getting this out of the way: In Mom news, she called me out of the blue tonight to have me do her Christmas shopping for her. She sounds as though she's regretting her life choices. :( I keep reminding myself that they were her choices while looking at my fingernails. When Mom lived with us, they were totally bitten down; except for one, they are now shiny and sport length! I'm trying not to feel guilty about starting to feel calm and happy most days. It was her choice to go. *repeats like mantra*

Of course, it annoyed Shog that I dropped what we were doing to shop for Mom, so I'll need to give him a back rub when he stops sulking in the tub, but I can do that. The steak burgers were really good. ;P

In other food-related news, the 'Foot ate five raw chicken livers with gusto for dinner, and Zelda had half of my steak burger. Shog's parents gave us the early anniversary present of a baking steel (which I can barely move, it's so heavy!), and Shog was determined to use it immediately—his frying set off the alarm from all the smoke, which sent Albus to the porch, the young girls to the bedroom, and our old ladies happily eating their livers (Zelda had at least one) without giving even an ounce of damn. All is now quiet and not quite as smoky.

We began this very early morning at the emergency vet's office, but 'Foot's eyes weren't infected as I feared (one was glued so tightly shut when she woke me that I had to lay a warm-water-soaked cloth on it to open it); she's just incredibly dehydrated. The 'Foot got fluids under the skin and a lubricating ointment for her eyes, and we've set up a recycling water fountain for the cats so that they'll drink more.

When I asked for the fluids, the vet said, "I was just going to suggest that, but I didn't know where you were on your journey with her," which is the gentlest way I've ever heard anyone ask, "I didn't know how much money you were willing to spend." The week before last, I paid off the credit card. This week, all the fuzzies went in for their yearlies, blood work (as needed), and tests (and the hellcat {Merva} astonished and terrified all with her carrying on; thank you, embarrassing hellcat!). Thank God for the credit card. *snorts*

We had a lovely dinner with Shog's parents last night, but we both noticed that they might each be having some health-related issues of their own. We're going to increase our visits in the new year to keep an eye on them.

My friend, Evoria, made amazing Christmas cookies; I ordered crap ones for us from Harry & David—it was an impulse buy which I'll not be repeating—but the adorable penguin cookie jar was worth it. :D Shog's old co-worker sent us a Christmas card (he's Muslim) of himself dressed as Jesus; it's hysterical. I think he does it in self-defense because people always treat him like a Christian at this time of year. Shog laughed and laughed. Oh, and a good friend of Shog's wants him for a New Year's gaming session, which is nice—but it ain't happening. New Year's is the night before our anniversary, and Shog is mine then.

I still don't have an anniversary gift for Shog. His every desire is akin in expense to a half share of an automobile. *meeps* Must. Procure/Produce. Worthy. Gift!

Oh, and they might be getting rid of the free, volunteer reading program of which I'm very happily a part at the library. Free! Volunteer! Fuckers. We will just have to see about that.

Annnnd I'm starting to ramble. I'd best be off. *smooches flist; waves*


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Dec. 19th, 2016 03:53 am (UTC)
Your mom made her choices, and you are still very kind to do her shopping for her.

The rest of your post was entertaining as always. I enjoy your outlook on life.
Dec. 19th, 2016 04:30 am (UTC)
I can't imagine why my brother isn't helping her. Oh, wait...

Aw, thank you. That's nice of you to say. *huggles*

I hope you're well. :D I'm super behind on my flist.

Edited at 2016-12-19 04:31 am (UTC)
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