Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Brought to you by the 'Foot & Zelda: morning links

I've spent the morning browsing while serving my ancient lady cats as a pillow. They get lap time and food on demand, now (we are living as if every day is their last), and Bored Panda is a good way to avoid thinking about, among other things, numb legs. *pets kitties*

Humanity's art: Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos! Japanese cats tattooing each other! Nature's art: Japanese leaf art! Forests of the Netherlands! (The second image had me wanting for the Dutch Bundimuns to open their eyes. ;P)

Found through B.P., the Privacy Bed. It looks right up Shog's alley. He would love this. Of course, he also wants bunk beds for the guest room . . . .

On a serious but positive note, Katia Hetter makes an excellent point about children and consent. My own parents never let people just come up and pinch my cheek, or expected me to give hugs and kisses to anyone I didn't want to, and I think that worked out well for my sense of dignity and self.

#s 7 & 10 of these couple comics really speak to me.

Where was this skull and crossbones bun cover when I was in high school?!

*shifts kitties; rubs life back into legs*

Now that I've managed to settle the girls by the fireplace, I must eat, so I'll leave you with this spiraling Christmas tree and these creative snowmen. :D
Tags: cat-related, links

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