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WS gif: Some excellent father made an American Ninja Warrior course for his daughter, and she rocks it! This is an excellent example of grrrl (and daaad) power; I wonder what one might find along these lines in the wizarding world?

In a not-quite-work-safe image, @BadRealtyPhotos brings us some naughty bushes. Again, given the moving pictures in the wizarding world, what kinds of big bad bushes might one find in a magical garden?

There is now a Rosetta Disc! It's got me wondering about what ancient magical laws/principles/systems/teachings might be hidden away for safety, and in what form they're stored.

Here's the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to Douglas Adams:

As I listened to it, I found myself wondering what Severus might do in such a situation, particularly if it happened in the staff room while he was seated across from Hermione.

Speaking of Severus, sigune recently drew one of him stealing his da's coat; you can see the origins of the billowing!

Speaking of dressing up, Shog sent me these punny Halloween costume pics. I was thinking of dressing up as a zombie librarian this year, but perhaps I should rethink that for Shog's sake. We don't do everything together (WS gif), of course, but who am I to deny Shog some creative license at Halloween? :P

Here are more cool costumes, just because (definitely click the "show more" option)!

Even though the Great Pumpkin has yet to arrive, I've begun to get Christmas ideas and was inspired in Shog's direction when I saw the first ever jewelry collection for bearded men! Alas, Shog mentioned having seen it, as well, and he did not care for it. *pouts*

One other gift idea I found (but not for Shog) is the Snapron! An apron that looks like Snape's frock coat! And it's lovingly made by our own dragoon811. :D

But getting back to Muggle things that make one imagine magical ones, have you seen the smiling volcano? What on earth kind of spell caused that?!

Lastly, given that Halloween is almost upon us, why not carve a pineapple?



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Oct. 8th, 2016 04:47 pm (UTC)
LOL - fun post :D
Love all the Halloween costumes- Jon Snow White!!
And those 2 cats that do everything together. So freakin cute
Those dick bushes killed me too
Oct. 8th, 2016 09:43 pm (UTC)
Jon Snow White tickles me.

We have dick bushes, well, a dick bush with balls to the side, down the street! I'm surprised we don't see more of that arrangement.

Glad you liked the links. :D
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