Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Busy morning!

After we walked and went to the dog park, Albus and I saved a kid who'd escaped her enclosure and was dancing about in the road while the other goats looked on and bleated at her. She was fast, but so curious about Albus that I was able to snatch her up when she attempted to headbutt him hello. Once back inside her pen, she parkour-ed over to mama goat, who seemed relieved. *anthropomorphizes*

Albus was very good during all of this, mostly because he was in awe of the emu who was wandering around in the goat pen. His entire body was quivering, in excitement or frustration, I cannot say.

And then we went up to the market to buy everything we needed for Stuffed Pumpkin with Everything Good. Yes, it's already that time of year again! *dances*

On our way home, we stopped to help some people who'd broken down call for help, and Albus got to meet a female mastiff pup who was almost bigger than he was. He's now sleeping off all the excitement of the morning on our bed while I provide feedback on the workshop stories (all the homeschoolers turned in their work early!).

It's a gorgeous day, too, even though it started off with rain and mist. *happy*

I know I'm behind on fandom stuff (reaction post, prompt answers), but life's pretty busy right now. Soon!

Here's hoping you're enjoying yourselves as much as I am! *smooches flist*

P.S. Shog was cleaning when I got home!
Tags: cooking, dog-related, life, life is good, recipe: stuffed pumpkin everything good, shog, teaching, volunteering
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