Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

My ta done! list for today

This has been a pleasant and productive day!

Today I . . .

  1. woke up (I'm including this because I really didn't want to :P),

  2. walked Albus,

  3. made decaf,

  4. fed the fuzzies,

  5. brushed the fuzzies,

  6. medicated the relevant fuzzies,

  7. played with the fuzzies,

  8. cleaned the cat boxes,

  9. conducted mess patrol,

  10. had breakfast,

  11. put away yesterday's laundry,

  12. started laundry,

  13. put away yesterday's dishes,

  14. cleaned the kitchen cabinets and the front of the stove (Shog's cheese making was messy),

  15. cooked (potato-olive salad {it's actually a lovely mix of red potatoes, artichoke hearts, peas, olives, celery, green onion, garlic, a mess of fresh herbs, and a vinaigrette}, chicken with lemons and leeks, and an artichoke-potato soup to be served tomorrow with the leftover chicken),

  16. washed dishes,

  17. put away dishes,

  18. put away laundry,

  19. started new laundry,

  20. roused Shog from bed,

  21. took Albus to the dog park,

  22. took a long walk (forgetting my freakin' Fitbit, again *shakes fist*),

  23. took a soaky bath (*\o/*),

  24. balanced the check book,

  25. read aloud at the library,

  26. went to the store,

  27. put away groceries,

  28. had lunch with Shog,

  29. convinced Shog not to make more cheese until later,

  30. tidied after lunch,

  31. took Albus to the dog park,

  32. put away laundry,

  33. and took a long nap/snuggled with the fuzzies.

Since waking up, I've given the fuzzies their dinner and Albus a little walk, and now I'm contemplating my own dinner while Shog makes cheese in my our clean kitchen. Oh! And before getting up, I reread Cursed Child in expectation of Shog and my soon finishing it together. Not reading to the end was difficult, but I promised Shog that I'd wait until he was free. *exercises self-control*

How's your day been?

Guess what today is? It's the anniversary of Star Trek's television premiere fifty years ago. *dances*
Tags: life, shog, st: tos, star trek

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