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I agree with Tom, this is my fave photo caption on Wikipedia, too.

In other news, I saw Miss Bess and Evoria today.

Miss Bess had a forgetful morning; I found her sitting on a bench in the park long after her usual walking time (wearing church clothes instead of walking togs), so after we talked (Miss B. has forgotten more about birds than I'll ever know), I walked her home.

Thankfully, Evoria was there. We chatted after Miss B. went in; E. thinks that her grandmother put on church clothes because she was supposed to go walking with a church friend, but that lady had to cancel, and Miss B.'s mind forgot that but remembered the walking and church connection. Apparently, anything that disrupts her schedule can cause her to become confused, but it doesn't happen that often. Most of the time, thank goodness, Miss B. is her mindful self.

Today was too busy to completely recap at the mo, but it started in a rather motivating way for Shog with Albus' cold nose in his behind; I heard Shog's shout from the kitchen. ;P This is relevant because now cats are pawing sharply at his delicate bits with the intention of persuading him to feed them. Din is v. late!

*goes to save Shog*


Aug. 24th, 2016 12:35 pm (UTC)
Do penguins in old pictures look stuffed to you, too? :P