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SPOILERS: Spoilers for Cursed Child under the cut, V

And we stopped at the end of Act Two.

Spoilers follow!

The line about Harry being down on all fours in Snape's office, do you remember that? It launched thousands of fics (and not a small number of artworks). I think that the line about Albus pinning Scorpius to the floor is going to have a similar affect on fandom. :P

Their fight occurs just when it ought to and feels right. Albus really is self-involved; I'm glad Scorpius calls him on it. (I don't think this makes Albus evil, by the way, or especially bad; it makes him a typical emo teen. Scorpius is just special. *hugs him*) I'm sure they'll look back on this and laugh some day . . . while their grand kids are playing in front of the fireplace and other people are in the kitchen doing the holiday cookery. In any case, the fight ends with both a hug and the boys deciding to once again employ the Time-Turner (with the help of a rather creepy Moaning Myrtle).

Oh, I think it's Albus who tells Scorpius at some point that "You make me stronger." Shog coughed at that point and said, "Harder." *rolls eyes, but only slightly 'cause I agreed*

The play reads like fan service, and I'm not dismayed.

A bit later, it's nice to see Minerva growing a backbone with Harry about the spying after "not seeing" the boys when they disappear under James' Invisibility Cloak. Both moments are good.

The adult stuff doesn't really interest me at all; I want more AS/S. :P

What's bad is that the boys fuck things up again; the Plan of Humiliation ends up making things very Dark indeed: Voldemort Day. Shog: "Well, who didn't see that coming? Hey, do you think we'll see Snape? If Moldy Voldy won, will we see—why are you hiding your face from me? Do we see Snape again?!"

I: "Do you want me to press on to Act Three?"

Shog: "Do we?"

I: "Shall I read on?"

Shog: "Damn it! . . . Hey!"

I: "What?"

Shog: "Albus doesn't exist now."

I: *sporfles* "No shit, sweetie. I just read that."

Shog: "Well, Scorpius has to fix that!"

I: "No, you're not interested in this play at all, are you?"

Shog: *looks annoyed, mumbles*

I: "What was that?"

Shog: "He has to fix it! Their love is quasi-canon!"

I may have been repeating the thing about their love being quasi-canon. *snorts*

We both had long days of cleaning and exercise and whatnot, so we decided that we were too punchy for me to move on tonight. If we hadn't gotten so involved with the whatnotting, I think I would have retained more of my impressions instead of having to be so recappy. In any case, I'm quite looking forward to Part Two, which Shog and I might get around to at lunchtime tomorrow. *hopes*
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