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SPOILERS: Spoilers for Cursed Child under the cut, III

Shog appears to have been so appalled by something that he's taken refuge in Harry Potter dad jokes, so I thought I'd make another response post. Spoilers follow!

The old folks home sounds fun, but Shog, who hasn't really been spoiled for the play, has started saying, "I don't trust Delphi. I really don't trust Delphi." :P I wish that Scorpius would start trusting himself and put a stop to all this foolishness, but then, Albus is his only friend.

I suppose they'd have to have a "new" Polyjuice potion that changed voices too, what with being on stage. And the preparation? Shog still doesn't trust Delphi. Why the fuck do the boys? Especially considering that she'd need Ron, Hermione, and Harry's hair? Um . . . .

I'm not surprised to find that the Trio and Draco still despise one another, but it's sad that as adults, they've not worked anything out. I was surprised to find that Ginny wrote to him and was decent about his loss, not because she's not decent, just because. How are they connected? Oh, duh. Their sons. That's why she did it.

Scorpius/Harry telling Albus/Ron that he was a bad son was priceless. I love this kid.

Ginny steps between Draco and Harry. Um, is it just me, or is there . . . tension between Ginny and Draco. It feels as though those two might just have shared a moment . . . or two . . . .

Shog couldn't stop with the "Ew!"-ing when Albus/Ron kissed Aunt Hermione. *snerk* But how the hell doesn't Hermione notice that she's not kissing Ron? ("Bad, deteriorating marriage," says Shog). How does she miss Albus' slip of the tongue ("Ew!" says Shog)? What kind of marriage do they have that she ignores him when he shows up to her office unannounced? ("A bad one, I told you. She tunes him out all the time," says Shog.)

I have no words for the "vacay or baby" block to the office. Just . . . .

That said, Hermione's weaponized bookshelf is amazing; I'll bet it looks fantastic on stage!

We're stopping just a bit into Act Two, and I'm not sure why it is that Harry thinks the kids are in the Forbidden Forest (and I don't like how Ron's being characterized as a thoughtless twit). That said, I'm still enjoying my read. I think that Shog is, too, because he was bummed when I told him I was stopping. :P

P.S. These are the dad jokes Shog's making up to amuse/distract himself:

  • If Harry Potter had bad grammar at Christmas, he would be the boy who gived.

  • If Harry Potter went to prison and killed someone with an improvised knife, he would be the boy who shivved.

  • If Harry Potter played a 4X video game, he would be the boy who civ'ed.

  • If Harry Potter made pasta, he would be the boy who sieved.

  • If Harry Potter became a Catholic priest, he would be the boy who shrivved.

*rolls eyes*
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