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SPOILERS: Spoilers for Cursed Child under the cut, II

Just FYI: If you're on Reddit, r/harrypotter has some interesting discussions by people who've seen the production, and someone's doing an AMA there (sorry for the lack of linkage, but Google still works).

To the cut! Spoilers follow!

All the family drama between Harry and Albus reads true and would read truer if there were more show than tell, but I feel like, just as in the books, Ginny gets short shrift here. Nothing feels wrong about things except the lack of getting to see them happen; I feel like Gin's probably a great mum and understand why we don't get to see it (play, duh, Iuls), but . . . should Albus be as moodily fucked up in his Snapian pouty way as he is if she's there in a supportive way for him? "Hell, yes," says Shog.

Rose checks in on Albus because she's told to, and the fact that she does it pleases me (because I really thought, post-raid, she just wanted to be friends with Albus for the related fame-y glow, at least for a moment).

I don't like the "love-at-first-sight" vibe I'm getting from Scorpius for Rose; it feels tacked on and wrong (Shog says, "How's that different from the Harry/Ginny thing?" and his point's well taken), but it does mesh with the one-sided (yes, I said it) admiration for Scorpius that Albus has, and the one-sided admiration of Rose that Scorpius has. Meh. The hugging scene, in which Scorpius wants to know if hugging is something that he and Albus do, that is hysterical. I love Scorpius' voice and that he's a huge geek, and that he's dryly sarcastic. He's my favorite character so far.

OH, OH, OH! The Trolley Witch! Ahahahahahaha! Second favorite character. :D

I don't blame Draco for being pissed off at Hermione's meeting. And I do like Ginny's job.

Sorry, this isn't particularly coherent; these posts are just my first impressions as I read through the play. I'm sure I'll be more thoughtful (yeah, sure I will) once I've finished it, thought about it, and read it again. Oh! Still not canon. A remix of one of Rowling's unpublished future fics in the form of a play—I'll accept that. But this is not canon. Nope.

Do I feel this way now because it just doesn't seem to me that Scorpius sees Albus as anything other than a good friend? Perhaps. Honestly, Albus seems like a typical kid to me, and one with whom I prolly wouldn't be friends 'cause he's a right moody shit, but I've only just left the meeting.

One last thing: I'm actually still enjoying reading aloud with Shog. I really, really didn't think that I would, but then, I do like fanfic. :P

P.S. Ginny calls Harry on his shit. I like that. I don't like the implication that Harry's not being real with Albus because I don't feel we've seen much of that in the play and wish that we had. Am I reading too quickly?

*carries on not murdering husband for his cleaning-related shortcomings by reading play to him*
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