Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

Just One Book update

Yesterday, I watched the Just One Book drive's Amazon wish list go from 11 pages to one in an afternoon, and then rise to four (teachers aren't stupid and added while the adding was good :P) by the evening. Loads of people have been helping, and as of this morning, when friends from our literacy games heard about the list and saw only five items remaining on it, there's only one CD player left on it (but only because the sale of the second one hasn't yet cleared, I think). My friends keep refreshing the list; they want to see it clear!

Here's hoping that the teachers add more to their list, and here's hoping that more of you will continue to send Just One Book to the students!

If you've something fun, interesting, special, supportive, educational, or cool in book, CD, or DVD form, please consider the kids of Greenville High School/Indian Valley Academy, whose library until recently hadn't seen new anything since the 90s, and send them your One Thing. It'll be added to other people's One Things, and in no time, the kids will have an inspiring library to help educate, entertain, and sustain them throughout their teenhood!
Tags: call for donations, just one book drive, promotion, signal boost

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