Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

SS/HG art recs!

I thought I'd share some quirky, unconventional artworks from the sshg_promptfest:

Shifting to High Gear (G): proulxes wanted to see Severus, Hermione, and a motorbike, and droxy took off with the prompt!

Purr-fectly Content (G): jaxomsride wanted to see Hermione and Snape as cats, and pinksonia realized her prompt beautifully.

Nights of Wandlore (G): nickygabriel wanted to see Snape and Hermione as two of the Avengers, and jenidralph did not disappoint.

Temptation, Desire, & Bliss (PG): morethansirius wanted to see BUTTONS!, and toblass gave us so much more.

Gnomeapalooza! (G): I wanted to see Gnomageddon! Gnomepocalypse! Gnomenado! Gnomes, gnomes, gnomity gnomes! and araeofsomething got crafty with my prompt.

Blooms of the Heart (G): kerravonsen wanted to see someone Break out of the conventions, and dragoon811 took tools to leather.

Wedding Presents (G): mt_nestor wanted to see Crookshanks is introduced to Severus' new kitten, and mayhem ensues, and hikorichan answered with predatory cuteness.

Poof! (G): Anonymous (a.k.a. Posting Mod) wanted to see Two people enter a Ministry lift and one person farts, and calmingshoggoth answered with animation.

A Quiet Moment (G): articcat621 wanted to see Hermione and Severus take a picnic near the Black Lake, and savvyshka put them on the water.

I've really enjoyed all the artwork submitted to the SSHG Prompt Fest, but I have to say that A Quiet Moment is one work that I can truly get lost in; it makes me yearn to know everything about its subjects, and how they came to be so comfortable with one another.
Tags: art, community promotion, links, promotion, rec, severus/hermione, sshg_promptfest

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