Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

My "desert island" fics

I really enjoy brief, snappy stories that give a good sense of Severus and Hermione as a couple, and these five fics do it with a lot of humor and style. If I were stranded on a desert island, I'd want many more than five! :D

  1. From the July 2013 run, A Familiar Adventure (PG): Luna gives Severus a new familiar. Unfortunately for Hogwarts, this creature shares his wizard's idea of humor.

    Inspired by palathene's prompt, One of Luna's creatures is causing havoc at Hogwarts, blueartemis07 makes brilliant use of Luna and a cheeky familiar to bring Severus and Hermione together in an amusing manner.

  2. From the January 2014 run, There is Nothing Worse than a Wine Snob (G): Hermione and Severus have a rather carefree attitude when it comes to the consumption of wine.

    Inspired by calmingshoggoth's cracktastic prompt, "Severus! Why is Lucius Malfoy tied up in our cellar?" stronghermione1 tells the tale of an even crackier, yet entirely plausible, er, SS/HG "dinner party."

  3. From the July 2014 run, The Firewhisky Made Me Do It (R): Severus and Harry, with the help of a little firewhisky, decide to grant Arthur's Christmas request.

    Inspired by tychesong's prompt, The Granger-Snape family Christmas photo or portrait and/or accompanying letter. Please include at least Severus, Hermione and Crookshanks, adelaidearcher tells a witty tale (that includes more than Crookshanks!) of how Severus and Hermione's Christmas letter gets written—while clearly illustrating the love they have for each other.

  4. From the July 2015 run, Supreme: Snape always wanted to be a superhero, but how will he fare when given the chance?

    Inspired by nickygabriel's prompt, Crossover with MCU: after the Winter Soldier Nick Fury went to England to recruit a certain wizard or witch. As a result SS & HG end up in Stark Tower helping the Avengers with some magical (extraterrestrial?) artifacts, willibald gives us a Severus who can take the Multiverse in stride . . . as long as he has Hermione. Reading about them *coughs* saving the day in unfamiliar surroundings is great fun.

  5. Lastly, and also from the July 2013 run, a story in comic form, The Misadventures of Romulus: And here we get a taste for trouble.

    Inspired by apollinav's prompt, The puppy was a bad idea, cruelcreeper tells the charming tale of a naughty pup, giving us a glimpse of Severus and Hermione's life together. Beautiful artwork, delightful story!
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