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Get your (sugar) quills ready: prompt-taking opens at sshg_smut on 10 June!

The excellent hikorichan has opened sshg_smut, a community dedicated to the sexual lives of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. The first annual SS/HG Smut Fest will begin taking prompts on 10 June, and everyone 18 and older is welcome to participate!

More information about the sshg_promptfest's newest affiliate may be found in sshg_smut's profile.


In sshg_promptfest news, the fest will post entries from 1-31 July, with Reveal Day falling on 1 August. Happy June, everyone! I can't wait to see how pleased you'll be to see our creators' efforts!
Tags: community promotion, promotion, sshg_promptfest

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