Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

A Day Almost like Any Other (G; Severus/Canon Character; 100 words)

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman.

A Day Almost like Any Other (G; Severus/Canon Character; 100 words): It's a day almost like any other.

Severus woke, washed, and walked. He then refilled the feeders in his garden before settling down to do a bit of light weeding. After a while, the breeze wafting through his hair began bearing a promising scent.

Homemade sausages!

"Catch any gnomes?" his partner called, as Severus entered the kitchen.

"Wouldn’t tell you if—"

"Severus? Are you well?"

"I . . . suddenly felt cold, hollow, as if . . . a piece of me . . . had gone."

Warm hands took Severus' as warmer eyes caught his gaze. "All your pieces are in place, I promise. Now come, have a sausage."

Smiling wistfully, Severus asked, "Just one?"
Tags: r.i.p. alan rickman, severus snape, severus/canon character

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