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Monthly Wrap-Up: August

It was August 2014 that I last wrote anything for fandom, so it pleased me to produce some short write-y things last month. Here's my late wrap-up for August:

His Little One (G; Severus, Eileen, OMC; 100 words): Severus unexpectedly receives family.

Snuna in Ten Words! (G; Severus/Luna; 10 10-word story fragments).

@FastLearner (G; Severus/Hermione; 100 words): At long last, Severus is a fast learner.

No Real Rhyme or Reason (PG-13; Remus/Hermione; 100 words): Giving in is easy.

Booger Monster! (G; Severus, Harry, others; 100 words): Mucus scares everyone.

Some Random Thing (R; Harry/Hermione; 100 words): It's far too late to say no.

Sorting Things Out (G; original characters; 100 words): Edgar rises to the occasion.

A Matter of Craft (G; Severus, implied Severus/Hermione; 100 words): Potions masters do it with cauldrons.

Far, Far Away (PG; Snarry; 100 words): Two notables amidst a galaxy of others are strongly drawn to one another.

Date Night . . . with Toys (G; Severus/Hermione; 100 words): Playtime is important for everyone.

A Time for Tea (G; Molly, Arthur, OC; 100 words): It was past "time to make tea."

Blue (G; Percy Weasley; 100 words): Sometimes, Percy feels as if he's a tiny ball drowning in ink.

Intergovernmental Relations (G; two Ministers and a Secretary *winks*; 200 words): The Ministers may have more than Mars bars in common.

Paying for It (NC-17; Ron/Daphne; 150 words): Ron hasn't even begun to pay for it.

Again (NC-17; Severus/Hermione, others; 865 words): That Hermione said yes has resulted in some difficulty for her.

A New Beginning (G; Harry/Bill; 175 words): Draco helps Harry with his "Weasley thing."
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