Iulia Linnea (iulia_linnea) wrote,
Iulia Linnea

A Time for Tea (G; Molly, Arthur, OC; 100 words)

dragoon811 prompted me with Molly-Arthur: tea, and I wrote, A Time for Tea (G; Molly, Arthur, OC; 100 words): It was past "time to make tea."

"We cannot sit idly by and allow these 'people' to contaminate . . . ."

Molly excused herself to put the kettle on in her recently grandbaby-proofed kitchen. Everything in its place, and all of it, so cheerful.

"It's up to our lot to . . . ."

Breathing deeply, she found her emergency blend.

"—Named took things too far, but . . . ."

With shaking hands, she measured out the leaves. My baby girl's family is going to be safe.

"How can you say tha—"

"What a beautiful tray!

"Thank you, Minister," Molly replied, catching Arthur's eye.

His gaze was questioning, and hers, firm. She turned to their guest.

Tags: arthur weasley, arthur/molly, drabbles/ficlets, molly weasley, original character

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