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Fourth post about Ebooks-Tree: its actual hosting company, courtesy of ef yeah copyright law

As it turns out, Moniker doesn't host Ebooks Tree's content; it's the company that sold Ebooks Tree the domain names it uses. Examining the whois data for Ebooks Tree, one might next assume that CloudFlare (a content delivery network) is its hosting company, but apparently, it only occasionally and temporarily hosts material for Ebooks Tree. Happily, ef yeah copyright law has posted the name of Ebooks Tree's hosting company. (Thank you, willibald, for linking me to the post.) The post also discusses the confusion surrounding finding the host, and what to do if your content is still present on Ebooks Tree.

In brief: Webzilla is Ebooks Tree's hosting company. Under the DMCA, it's legally obligated to remove any infringing material from its users' sites after being properly notified of the existence of such material. To properly notify Webzilla by DMCA complaint letter, one need only use the following template.

The first line in the template is your subject line for the Webzilla contact form (https://webzilla.com/contacts.html), or the email that you send to Webzilla (legal@webzilla.com). When completing the template with your information, remember to remove the square brackets — [] — from around that information (as well as any notes that appear in square brackets).

DMCA Complaint Template

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